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Services and Rates

Live-in Pet Sitting

$70/day - 1 dog

$55/day - 1 cat

Additional Fees:

  • All fees are subject to 5% GST
  • $10/day for each additional dog
  • $5/day for each additional small animal (e.g., cats, fish, bunnies, etc.)
  • $5/day for special care requirements, such as medications
  • Travel fees may apply for locations outside of city limits

*Pets must be able to be left alone the length of a typical workday (9 hours). We charge $10/hour for time limits (e.g., if your pet cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours during the day, $50/day would be added to your total fee to accommodate this time limit).


*If your small animal is labour-intensive, they will be charged at the rate charged for a dog


Short Days

If the pet sitter is not required to be at the home until dinner time on the first day and/or can leave after breakfast on the last day, a reduced day rate of $40/day will be given for those specific calendar days. The above "additional fees" apply to the short-day rate.

Check-ins/Dog Walks

$35 - 1 half hour check-in per day 

$60 - 2 half hour check-ins per day 


$40 – 1 45 minute check-in per day

$65 – 2 45 minute check-ins per day


$45 – 1 hour-long check-in per day

$70 – 2 hour-long check-ins per day

Dog walks are charged at the same rate as check-ins. The Additional Fees (above) apply to both Live-in Pet Sitting and Check-in/Dog Walking services. 


*We will not provide check-ins on a dog(s) as a replacement for live-in care


*We will not check-in any less than every second day

Day Sitting

$20/hr, with a minimum charge of $80/day


This service is for those who would like to have their pets cared for in their own home or at their hotel (for visiting clients) during the day or evening (but not overnight) for longer than our one hour check-in service. The Additional Fees (above) apply to Day Sitting services.


Dog Boarding

While we have pet sitters available in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna and Vancouver, we currently only have availability for dog boarding with Gerda (small dogs only) in NW Calgary (Arbour Lake) and Donna in Carstairs. Rates are charged per calendar day as follows:


$65/day - 1 dog 
$90/day - 2 dogs 


Short Days

If the dog(s) will be dropped off past 7pm and/or picked-up prior to 10am, the following reduced day rates will be applied for those specific calendar days:


$40/short day - 1 dog

$65/short day - 2 dogs


*An additional $5/day will be charged per pet for special care requirements, such as medications

*All fees are subject to 5% GST

*All dogs must behave well with other dogs, be vaccinated and be neutered/spayed

Personalized Quotes

Assured Home and Pet Care Inc. offers competitive per calendar day rates tailored to the number of pets to be cared for, as well as the amount of care the pets and home require. For an accurate quote, please contact us ([email protected]) with the following information:

  • How many and what type of pets you are looking to be cared for;
  • The area of the city (or where outside the city) your home is located;
  • A brief description of the pet care required (feeding, exercise, medications, grooming, etc.); and
  • Any special circumstances for any of the required care.

We require a 25% deposit (up to a maximum of $100) to reserve our services. Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer; however, we accept cash or cheque as well. Unfortunately, credit cards are not accepted at this time. Contact us ([email protected]) today to book our pet sitting services!


Cancellations occurring within two weeks of the booking start day are subject to a 25% cancellation fee, up to a maximum of $100. If the booking is cancelled earlier than two weeks prior to the booking, your deposit will be fully refunded!

Meet and Greet

We offer a Meet and Greet (free of charge!) in order to introduce your chosen pet sitter to you and your pets. This meeting takes place in your home, typically within a couple weeks of your booking, and allows you and your pet sitter to go over all of the needed information for your home and pets. Contact us ([email protected]) today to arrange your free consultation!


To gain all of the necessary information for your booking, and to provide you with a record of our policies and agreements, Assured Home and Pet Care Inc. prides itself on a high-quality online contract. Encrypted and secure, our online system means added security for your confidential information and allows us to keep a record of it all for future bookings! The online system also makes it easy for you to submit booking requests and to edit the information you have provided at any time.

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