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Services and Rates

Live-in Pet Sitting

Our pet sitter will stay in your home, doing their best to match your pet(s) regular routine. Care is charged per calendar day.


$74/day - 1 dog

$58/day - 1 cat (or exotic animal)

+$10/day for each additional dog

+$5/day for each additional cat or exotic animal (e.g., fish, bunnies, reptiles, birds, etc.)


Short Day Fees:

If the pet sitter is not required to be at the home until dinner time on the first day and/or can leave after breakfast on the last day, a reduced day rate of $53/day for one dog and $43/day for one cat or exotic animal will be given for those specific calendar days. The below "additional fees" apply to the short-day rate.

Additional Fees:

  • $5/day for special care requirements, such as medications
  • $5/administration for time-specific medications (e.g., insulin)
  • $5/fifteen minutes for plant care/watering (indoors or outdoors) beyond initial 15 minutes
  • Lawn mowing is provided only for bookings exceeding one week with $5/fifteen minutes charged beyond initial 15 minutes
  • $5/fifteen minutes for snow removal beyond initial 15 minutes ("safe zone" of the main sidewalk and access to front door will be shovelled)
  • Travel fees (government mileage standard) may apply for locations outside of city limits
  • All fees are subject to 5% GST

  • Live-in Care Fee Notes:

  • Pets must be able to be left alone the length of a typical workday (9 hours). We charge $10/hour for time limits (e.g., if your pet cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours during the day, $50/day would be added to your total fee to accommodate this time limit).
  • Due to the fact that puppies require constant supervision and enforcement of consistent training practices, we have a $55/day surcharge for all dogs under one year of age.
  • If your cat or exotic animal is labour-intensive, they will be charged at the rate charged for a dog.
  • Check-ins/Dog Walks

    Our pet sitter will check-in on your home and pet(s). Care is charged based on the frequency and duration of check-ins required.


    $37 - 1 half hour check-in per day 

    $65 - 2 half hour check-ins per day 


    $48 – 1 hour-long check-in per day

    $75 – 2 hour-long check-ins per day

    Dog walks are charged at the same rate as check-ins. 


    *All above Additional Fees apply

    *We will not provide check-ins on a dog(s) as a replacement for live-in care

    *We will not check-in any less than every second day; and every second day check-ins must be at least one hour

    *Monthly-invoiced dog walks or check-ins cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled booking will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee of the booked service

    Day Sitting

    $20/hr, with a minimum charge of $80/day


    This service is for those who would like to have their pets cared for in their own home or at their hotel (for visiting clients) during the day or evening (but not overnight) for longer than our one hour check-in service. The Additional Fees (above) apply to Day Sitting services.

    Holiday Surcharge There will be a 20% surcharge to all rates on the below holiday periods.
    • Reading Week (Thursday through Monday of the February long weekend)
    • Spring Break (the entire fourth week of March)
    • Easter (Good Friday through Easter Monday)
    • May long weekend (Friday through Monday)
    • Canada Day long weekend (Friday through Monday)
    • August Long Weekend (Friday through Monday)
    • Labour Day long weekend (Friday through Monday)
    • Thanksgiving long weekend (Thursday through Tuesday)
    • Christmas (Dec. 20, 2024 through Jan. 1, 2025)
    Personalized Quotes

    We offer competitive per calendar day rates tailored to the number of pets to be cared for, as well as the amount of care the pets and home require. For an accurate quote, please contact us ([email protected]) with the following information:

    • The specific dates your are in need
    • The city and community you live in
    • How many and what type of pets you are looking to be cared for
    • For dogs, the breed, size and their general mannerism
    • If your pets require special care, such as medication
    • A brief description of the pet care required (feeding, exercise, medications, grooming, etc.)
    • If inquiring about live-in care: whether or not your pet(s) can be left alone the length of a typical work day (maximum of 9 hours), and if not, the maximum number of hours you are comfortable with them being alone during the day
    • If inquiring about check-ins: the frequency and duration of check-ins wanted
    • Any special circumstances for any of the required care
    Bookings & Cancellations

    We require a 25% deposit (up to a maximum of $100) to reserve our services. Our preferred method of payment is e-transfer.


    Cancellations occurring within two weeks of the booking start day are subject to a 25% cancellation fee, up to a maximum of $100. If the booking is cancelled earlier than two weeks prior to the booking, your deposit will be fully refunded!


    Bookings that are shortened or cancelled while in progress will not receive refunds or credits. Bookings shortened within two weeks prior to the start date will be subject to a one-day penalty (full rate paid for one day of care) when calculating the full booking fee. If the full booking fee was paid prior to the change, a credit will be offered for the remaining difference in booking fees – refunds will not be provided.


    Force majeure: bookings affected by a force majeure (an event for which no party can be held accountable) will not be subject to the regular cancellation policies. Credits will be offered for all fees (deposit or booking) in these circumstances, with refunds occurring in extenuating circumstances.

    Extreme Weather Policies Our cold weather cut-off for dog walks is -20 degrees (dog breed dependent). Please have appropriate cold weather attire for your dog(s) for winter walks, particularly for temperatures lower than -10 degrees.


    Our hot weather cut-off for dog walks is +30 degrees (dog breed dependent). Please have a water bottle available for the pet sitter for long walks or walks in warm weather, and provide the sitter with a route that allows them to seek out shade and avoid hot pavement.


    If there are air quality warnings for wildfire smoke or anything else, the pet sitter will keep house windows closed and will not exercise the pets outside.


    We will be in touch for exercise alternatives during periods of high risk air quality or during extreme weather.
    Keys The pet sitter will require one working key (or access code) prior to the booking beginning, and a secondary means of access (key or code) upon arriving at the home on the first day of the booking. If you do not have an access code, we will need for an adequate hiding spot to be arranged so that the pet sitter can leave the key when they finish the booking. Alternatively, key pick-ups and drop-offs will add a $15 charge (each way) to the booking fee.The purpose of having multiple forms of entry during a booking is so that if something happens to one access point, we can ensure pet and home well-being via access through a secondary point. Meet & Greet

    We offer a complimentary half hour meeting to introduce your pet sitter to you and your pets. This regular introductory meeting takes place in your home, typically within a couple weeks of your booking, and allows you to go over all of the needed information for your home and pets with the pet sitter. Meet and Greets are typically scheduled about two weeks prior to your departure, so that all of the details are fresh for the pet sitter; however, if you would like to arrange an initial meeting to ensure you are comfortable with your assigned sitter, we can absolutely do that! Additional charges are as follows:

    • $30 fee for each additional meeting with the same sitter beyond the regular introductory meeting
    • All meetings include a half hour of time, with $5/fifteen minutes charged for additional time needed


    To gain all of the necessary information for your booking, and to provide you with a record of our policies and agreements, we use a high-quality online contract system. Encrypted and secure, our online system means added security for your confidential information and allows us to keep a record of it all for future bookings! The online system also makes it easy for you to submit future booking requests and to edit the information you have provided at any time. Existing clients can access the online system here, however, new clients must be registered by first contacting us at [email protected].

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