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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in-home pet sitting?

Our pet sitters stay in your home while you are away, living there as you would (cooking, cleaning, laundry, relaxing, etc.), while always maintaining a responsible and respectful lifestyle. This live-in service provides extra security and care for both your pets and home, maintains your pets' routine, and provides them with the attention, love and care they deserve! See our Home page for a list of benefits to using in-home pet sitting services.

Do you do check-ins?

Upon request, we offer check-ins (rather than live-in service) for small animals (cats, birds, guinea pigs, reptiles, etc.). Check-ins are about an hour in length during which our pet sitter will provide all the love and care your pets require (feeding, changing water, cleaning litter boxes/cages, playing, cuddling, etc.). See our Services page for rates and more information.

What are your rates?

We charge a per day rate for each client that is dependent on the number and types of animals, the requested services and the area of the city. Our “per day” rate is charged for each calendar date of the booking, as we remain on call for travel delays and/or last minute changes to your booking. See our Services page for more information.

Where does the pet sitter sleep? Do we need to provide groceries?

Our pet sitter will stay in your home as you feel comfortable, in the bed that you designate for them in your home. Our pet sitters will use common staple items, such as condiments, spices, etc., but they provide all of their own food!

When do we get to meet our pet sitter?

The Meet & Greet between you and the pet sitter happens at your home within a couple weeks of your booking, so that all the details are fresh in the minds of you and your pet sitter. If there is a need to use a different pet sitter from our team for future bookings, due to availability, we would set-up a time for you to meet them as well! See our Services page for more information on our free consultations.

Will anyone else be in the house besides the pet sitter?

We are a "lifestyle business", meaning that our pet sitter treats your home as their home, while respecting the fact that it is not! In our Subcontractor Agreement we state that no pet sitter may have more than three other people in the home at one time and that this is never a "sleepover" situation. Many of our pet sitters do have long-term partners who will stay with them in the home as well, but this is something that is approved by the client prior to the booking.

What kind of clean-up does the pet sitter do?

We expect the house to be in a clean and sanitary manner upon our arrival (including clean bedding), and all of our pet sitters leave the home in a state that is as clean, if not a cleaner, than when they arrived.

Will the pet sitter update us while we are away?

Our pet sitters are happy to provide you with check-ins by phone, email, text message, etc.! We like to keep you in the loop and help manage the feelings that come with being separated from your beloved critters.

Are your pet sitters police-checked and bonded?

As part of our insurance policy with Intact Insurance, we have a company blanket bond, meaning that all of our pet sitters are bonded under our services. Further, most of our pet sitters are either teachers, musicians working in schools, or active volunteers, meaning that they have had police checks as part of the requirements for these positions. While we do not require copies of our pet sitters’ police checks, all of our pet sitters are extremely well-known to us either as colleagues, family, friends of friends, personal friends, or because they have been working with us for an extended period of time.

Does a supervisor check on the pet sitter?

All of our pet sitters are required to check-in with us (and you!) when they first arrive at a house and when they leave a house for the final time. We ask our pet sitters to be easy to get ahold of throughout a booking, and a member of our management team may do periodic stop-ins to ensure that all is going well. One of the many benefits of working with such a great team is the extensive amount of resources it presents between reliable, responsible and caring pet sitters.

How many times per day will the dog(s) receive walks?

As many as they require and as is typical for their daily routine. We do our best to match our schedules to what the pets are most used to whenever possible.

Does the pet sitter do snow shoveling, lawn mowing and dog waste pick-up?

Absolutely! Keeping a tidy walk and yard (shoveling, de-icing, lawn maintenance, pet waste removal, etc.) are not only legal requirements of a home-owner, but also part of our services. Our pet sitter will complete all of the necessary tasks to ensure that your property is kept safe, clean and well-maintained, inside and out!

What types of animals do you care for?

We are happy to care for any animal - fluffy, feathered, scaled or aquatic! We have pet sitters experienced in all types of animals, and with all types of temperaments. Let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to match you with the perfect pet sitter!

Do your pet sitters administer medications?

One of the benefits of using an in-home pet sitter is that we will administer medications to your pets. Our online contract includes a space for you to list all medications, required doses and how they should be administered.

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