"Providing the love and care that your home and pets deserve!"

Meet Our Team!

Assured Home and Pet Care was formed in 2010 by two friends, Amanda and Andrew, while they were caring for a friend's lovely Shih Tzus. What started out as a great idea for making some extra money during their University years, soon blossomed into a full blown agency with a group of animal-loving individuals wishing to serve the Calgary community. The below list includes our three administrative employees, Amanda, Beverly and Hana, as well as the team of subcontractor pet sitters who provide services in our current service areas of Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Strathmore, Edmonton and Lethbridge, AB, and Kelowna and Vancouver, BC.

Assured Home and Pet Care incorporated in 2017, and began its first expansion into Edmonton in 2018 when Andrew moved to the city. With strict policies and procedures, and with Pet First Aid training encouraged for the pet sitters (provided by Walks n' Wags), Assured Home and Pet Care is proud to offer an approved list of bonded and insured subcontractor pet sitters in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Strathmore, Edmonton and Lethbridge, AB, and Kelowna and Vancouver, BC, with hopes of continued expansion across Western Canada. Look no further than the list below to find your caring, loving and responsible pet sitter!

Interested in joining our team? Check out the Contact page for more information on our subcontractor hiring process.
Amanda (Owner & CEO) Amanda is proud to stand as the face of Assured Home and Pet Care. Animals have always been a big part of Amanda's life - she grew up amongst cats, dogs, birds, fish and a leopard gecko, giving her a love for critters of all shapes and sizes. She is now a pawrent to the very opinionated and particular Raz, a tuxedo kitty. Amanda is passionate about exploring our beautiful Rocky Mountains through climbing, running, hiking and back-country/cross-country skiing. She is also an avid traveller - her human baby had already visited four countries before he was a year old! Amanda is happily surprised that what started as a unique and exciting side-gig while attending University has turned into her full-time career. Assured has allowed her to have been a stay-at-home Mom, while also fulfilling her passion for entrepreneurship. This flexibility in schedule also provided the opportunity for her to take her son on adventures all over our beautiful Rocky Mountains - skiing, hiking and biking. Now that her son is in school, Amanda is excited to have her days free to take Assured to the next level, and is looking forward to all to come!
Beverly (HR & Administrator) Beverly cannot believe that she has been pet sitting and living a nomadic life for more than a decade! She never could have guessed that one weekend of helping a friend with animals would turn into the dream job it has become - she is so thankful for it! Beverly is excited to have expanded her role with Assured by becoming the Human Resources Manager, as well as an Administrator, and is looking forward to learning more about the operations side of this great company. With no pets of her own, Beverly loves getting to meet different animals all over the Calgary area. Whether providing live-in care or just stopping by for a few visits, she loves the challenge of figuring out what each individual pet needs from her and becoming friends along the way! Years of pet sitting has made the photo section of Beverly's phone very cute: filled with a variety of furry, hairy, feathered or scaly faces. Looking through Auntie Bev's photos is a favourite activity for the many kids in her life and is definitely helping her achieve her main life goal of being the favourite aunt! Beverly does not like to be the subject of photos, however, so please accept this picture of her family dog, Buddy, instead!
Hana (Subcontractor Relations Manager) Hana acts as both our Subcontractor Relations Manager and Social Media Manager, while also juggling life as a full-time legal assistant and cat mom to her tuxedo kitty, Shasta. With a deep love for cats, and a flair for organization, she has found the perfect balance in her personal and professional life. Outside of her work, Hana enjoys all things Taylor Swift and everything gluten-free. With her expertise, creativity, and passion, Hana has been working hard to make a lasting impact and to drive meaningful results for Assured Home and Pet Care.
Gina (Administrator & Sr Pet Sitter) - Calgary Calgary born and raised, Gina has been an animal lover since before she can remember. After a nearly 14 year career in veterinary medicine (as an assistant and later a registered veterinary technician), Gina has now changed her focus to helping pets in their homes as a sitter! With an extensive animal health background, Gina is prepared to help your healthy or high needs pets alike. She is excited to take on a larger role with Assured as an administrator and cannot wait to get to know you and your furry friends! When not exploring the mountains or traveling, Gina can be found doting on her family’s senior dog, Kiah.
Candice (Sr Pet Sitter) - Calgary Candice is a professional athlete who is passionate about all types of animals! Growing up in South Africa she had numerous pets and spent time on her family farm. Candice plays on the South African national softball team and has been a member for the last 12 years. On her travels playing softball, she has often had the chance to care for animals through host families; and has always made looking after the animals a priority, along with making them feel loved and cared for. Candice currently has two cats who she loves and cherishes – if she had the space, she would probably have a small zoo! As an animal advocate, Candice has always adopted animals from the SPCA and Humane Society.
Elaine (Sr Pet Sitter) - Calgary Elaine has recently moved to Calgary from Toronto. An avid pet enthusiast, she is a proud pet parent to Minx and Milo, and has had cats in her life for over 30 years. Elaine has been dog walking and pet sitting since 2018. Prior to this, she has worked a variety of jobs, including: occupational therapist assistant/physiotherapist assistant, retail product demonstrator, administrative assistant, as well as being a nanny and housekeeper to two families. Elaine loves all her furry friends like they are her own, and enjoys meeting new people and new animals. In her spare time, she likes cooking, bicycling, hiking and kayaking.
Hayley (Sr Pet Sitter) - Calgary

Hayley is a born and raised Calgarian with a love for animals. She was constantly surrounded by pets of friends and family members growing up, as well as having some smaller furry friends of her own. Hayley is currently completing her Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy. In her free time, she likes to attend yoga and indoor cycling classes, as well as take trips out to the mountains for hikes.

Heather Templeton (Sr Pet Sitter) - Calgary

Heather was born and raised in Calgary and just completed her Master’s Degree. She currently works with the homeless and is also a healthcare advocate. Heather grew up with pets for most of her life, from dogs and cats, to fish and birds, rabbits and even a snake once. She currently lives with two dogs, a bird and fish and could not imagine life without a pet!

Kit (Sr Pet Sitter) - Calgary Kit is an actor, clown, puppeteer, and arts educator. Originally from Cochrane, they currently live in Bowness with their two black cats, Pantalaimon and Fauna. Kit enjoys reading, writing, exploring, and gardening. They are particularly proud of the catio they built for their cats.
Lili (Sr Pet Sitter) - Calgary Lili has spent her life surrounded by furry family members: mostly lots of dogs and cats, with a few birds, a turtle, and some hamsters in the mix. A preschool educator, she enjoys watching little ones grow and flourish. Lili loves being part of the Assured team where she feels privileged to share her life with so many extraordinary furry friends and their people.
Adarah - Calgary Born and raised up north in Fort McMurray, Adarah grew up in a household always brimming with pets and family. Besides numerous dogs and cats, she took care of a huge spectrum of rodents: from fancy mice, gerbils and hamsters to degus, rabbits and chinchillas. If it weren't for her mom's ophidiophobia, there is no doubt that reptiles would have found home with her too. Now that she is all settled into her tiny apartment here in Sunalta, she loves to bike along the pathways, read amongst the many green spaces Calgary has to offer, volunteer within her community and throughout the city. Oh and of course, bug her mom for photos and updates of the pets back home.
Ahmed - Calgary Ahmed was born in Bangladesh and moved to Calgary in 2008! He currently works as an Accounting Supervisor. Summer is Ahmed’s favorite month, as he loves to take in all the natural beauty of the Rockies; is trying his best to get a hang of the photography game, and is really looking to have it mastered this summer. Ahmed loves to volunteer – his life mission is to make volunteering about dignity rather than charity! He loves going out for walks and exploring all the city has to offer. Ahmed is a huge foodie at heart and is always up for trying out a new restaurant and food from various cultures. He has had the pleasure of looking after his neighbor’s Golder Retriever over the years, as they travel frequently for work, and is looking forward to meeting your pet and providing them with a loving, calm and responsible environment for them to enjoy themselves.
Aiden - Calgary Aiden has had pets in his life for as long as he can remember. Aiden is currently a proud owner of a Catahoula Leopard Dog and a Labradoodle, named Arlo & Daisy, and a cat who he considers to be his best friend, named Jack Jack. Throughout his life, Aiden has had the joy of owning cats, dogs, many fish species, hermit crabs, hamsters and reptiles. Aiden currently works at BMO as an Analyst developing carbon credits to help reduce carbon emissions and continue the fight against climate change. With his free time, Aiden enjoys taking his dogs to the off-leash park, going to the gym and spending time with family.
Alida - Calgary Alida was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. With an engineering background, she spent years working for Canadian engineering firms in Venezuela. She moved to Calgary in December 2020 with her two dogs, Sasha and Manchis, and they are loving it! She lives with her daughter, Carolina, who also is an animal lover and pet sitter with Assured! Alida is a natural animal lover, ever since she was a child she has been surrounded by rabbits, hamsters, fish, and a parrot; and in the last fifteen years, she has been a member of an organization in Venezuela that takes care of abandoned animals. With this organization, Alida has been a foster mom and has helped raise funds to assure proper care for the rescued animals until they were able to find a caring forever home.
Ari - Calgary Ari is a Calgary based actor and writer who adores animals. From their first pet gerbil ChiChi to their beloved cat Bandit, they have had quite a few furry friends choose them as their human! Ari also loves to care for other people's animals and has experience caring for dogs and cats of various breeds, reptiles, rodents, birds, and fish (even shrimp!). They look forward to meeting your animal family ❤️
August - Calgary

August is a freelance flutist and teacher, with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Calgary. She will be returning to school to get her Bachelor of Education in the Fall of 2017. August has two adorable bunnies named Rosie and Ted who won't stop hopping for long enough to take a picture with her. She grew up with dogs, cats, budgies, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits, and she loves animals of all shapes and sizes!

Aya - Calgary Aya is currently getting their Bachelor of Design at the Alberta University of the Arts, studying Illustration and Print Media. They have had a variety of pets their whole life, ranging from dogs and cats to rabbits and fish. Through this they have developed a passion for taking care of animals as well as a genuine love for all kinds of critters. Aya hopes to create a safe and comforting environment for both pets and their owners.
Brenda - Calgary Brenda loves all animals, especially her grand dog Murphy seen here! She has grown up having dogs and has been caring for the pets of her friends and family for over 30 years! Her friends often joke with her that they wished they got the special treatment that Brenda gives their pets! She has been a business owner for over 20 years and with her newfound flexibility she is looking forward to more pet sitting! She is a bit of a wierdo as she loves to clean! She cleans things all the time! People have even hired her to clean their things! She is very thoughtful and has been known to tell great stories. She loves hanging out with her friends especially if it includes a Starbucks and a lot of laughing. When spring and summer hit, she loves to spend time in Sylvan Lake at her family cabin where there are always dogs visiting her there too. Rest assured she will treat your furry friends with the utmost love and respect.
Brielle - Calgary Brielle is a homeschooling mom and Nature School Practitioner. Her love for animals and compassionate nature make her a trustworthy companion for your fur babies! She enjoys long walks and visiting the mountains whenever she has the chance. She is an Early Childhood Educator, passionate homemaker and aspiring gardener. As an experienced pet sitter she has worked with many different breeds of dogs, as well as cats, horses, various types of fish, chinchillas, hamsters and rabbits. A born and raised Calgarian, she loves meeting new friends and exploring the vast and beautiful walking trails Calgary has to offer.
Brittany - Calgary Brittany completed her Bachelor of Arts in Calgary. She has also completed Mindset Coaching and Yoga certifications, and enjoys health and wellness, being in nature and travelling. Brittany has a great love of animals and has been around them for much of her life. Brittany has had animals of her own growing up, including a dog, cat, hamster and fish, and has also found great joy in fostering through rescue foundations and pet sitting over the years for friends and family.
Camille - Calgary Recently moved to Calgary from France, Camille is currently working at the University of Calgary. She loves all kind of animals and cannot wait to have her own house and garden to adopt and foster. In the meantime, she has been pet sitting in France for friends and family and has decided to continue this in Calgary. She loves behind outside and sharing some playtime or cuddle times with animals!
Carolina - Calgary

Born and raised in Venezuela, Carolina moved to Canada in 2011. She went to school in Kingston, ON, for her second Business Degree (she also has a Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad Metropolitana) before moving to Calgary in 2013. She currently works in Procurement. Carolina has always loved animals and has been actively involved with different animal shelters in Venezuela and in Calgary. She fosters dogs and volunteers at AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society). In her spare time, Carolina loves to play soccer, run around the city with her friends, go hiking on the weekends, read a good book by the river, and watch lots of sports on TV. She is also a music lover and plays the drums whenever she has a chance.

Cassandra - Calgary Cassandra deeply loves animals. She has had pets and animals around her all her life. She loves getting to know and meet each furry friend and their unique personalities, and being able to connect with the needs of the animals and treat them with the loving kindness and care they deserve. Being with animals on a daily basis brings her so much joy and she is happy to be able to spread love to each pet she gets the chance to connect with. Cassandra owns her own company and works as an Intuitive Designer and Consultant. She works from home, giving her the flexibility to adapt her schedule as needed. In her free time she loves meditation in all forms, being creative and spending time with loved ones.
Chad - Calgary Chad grew up in Regina, SK where one of his earliest memories is that of his golden retriever named Rhett. Chad’s childhood also included the family cat, Patches, and goldfish. As an adult he spent many years helping his sister with her house and pet sitting side business, so he has lots of experience coming onto our team. Chad loves dogs and might also be able to run with your dog if requested! Chad is a Registered Massage Therapist and teaches massage therapy, creating a schedule that allows for a lot of daytime flexibility. Chad enjoys playing soccer, trail running, mountain biking and snowboarding.
Christine - Calgary Recently returning from a six-month trip of a lifetime in South America, Christine grew up in Calgary and saw the 88 Olympics and 89 Stanley cup win. She has lived with all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and reptiles. Christine says that animals are naturally drawn to her: anytime she is out walking, cats and dogs always want to come and say, “Hi!” Christine shares her animal healing skills, and volunteers with local animal rescues. She loves hiking, reading, baking and singing! Christine would be honored to take care of your furry family members and home: she treats what is sacred to you as sacred to her. Trust is very important to Christine and she ensures your needs and preferences are attended to. Christine says animals are the best part of life: they show us how to have fun, play, rest and love us unconditionally.
Cindy - Calgary Cindy was born in Ottawa, Ontario but has always been an Alberta girl, having lived in and around Calgary her whole life. She is a Senior IT Project Manager and works in Health Care. Cindy is passionate in her support of the Calgary Zoo and in particular the Wilder Foundation for conservation. She also regularly donates to the Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society. Cindy is a cat Mom to Missy, a 16 year-old Tuxedo who is very spoiled but very loved.
Corinne - Calgary Corinne works as a registered massage therapist and has a degree in anthropology. She enjoys daily walks in nature, year round. An introvert by nature, Corinne enjoys crochet and online podcasts. She has three grown children, three grandchildren, and five grandpets. With a home filled with pets over the span of two decades, Corinne has cared for cats, dogs, frogs, guinea pigs and a giant angora rabbit. At present, she does not have any pets of her own but enjoys the pets of those around her. Corinne is personable and respectful, and very experienced with working in private family homes. She can be counted on to make your pet(s) comfortable, cared for and happy. She is very text saavy and expedient, so whenever you need an update on your fur family, she will be happy to give one!
Courtney - Calgary

Courtney is a professional athlete who is passionate about all types of animals! She grew up in Edmonton with various cats, dogs and birds, and has also often stayed at her grandparents’ farm and looked after the animals there. Courtney went to school in the USA on a softball scholarship, where she obtained a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. On her travels playing softball, she has often had the chance to care for animals through host families; and has always made looking after the animals a priority, along with making them feel loved and cared for. Courtney currently has two cats who she loves and cherishes – if she had the space, she would probably have a small zoo! As an animal advocate, Courtney has always adopted animals from the SPCA and Humane Society.

Emily - Calgary Emily was born and raised in Calgary, and has had a family cat or two their whole life. Currently taking a gap year, Emily will be attending Mount Royal University for a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in the fall. Pictured here with their two cats, Charlie and Franklin, Emily spends their free time dancing, reading, and doing arts and crafts.
Emma - Calgary

Emma loves all creatures – her cats come before anything else! She cannot wait to run a farm someday so that she can rescue all the animals. If Emma could just spend her days surrounded by animals, she thinks it would be a pretty great life!

Erin - Calgary Erin is a born and raised Calgarian with a lifelong love and respect for animals. She grew up in the city with pets of all kinds: cats, hamsters, frogs, lizards and fish. She often visited her family's farm east of Calgary to marvel at the cows, ride horses, and even cuddle with an orphaned baby deer named Zoe who was being rehabilitated there. Erin has pet sat for friends and family for years, and slowly began expanding her network of clients through word of mouth - an excellent gig while completing her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from MRU. Currently, Erin works in retail management and also lends a hand at local pet shop called The New Forest, where she's able to get her cute dog fix on the daily. Erin loves keeping busy and having new experiences; she is an avid photographer and loves documenting her life (and taking cute animal pictures!), and she does background acting in the Alberta TV & Film industry in her spare time. Erin is excited to be a part of the team at Assured and spend time with your wonderful pets!
Gavin - Calgary Hailing from the vibrant shores of Sri Lanka, Gavin embarked on a new chapter in Calgary, where he’s currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at Mount Royal University. His love for animals is deeply rooted, having been raised alongside his two cherished dogs: Tequila, a spirited Dalmatian, and Teddy, a loving Cocker Spaniel. Gavin’s compassion extends beyond his own pets: he dedicated nearly two years to Embark, a non-profit organization committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of Sri Lanka’s street dogs. His altruistic spirit is matched by a passion for personal training, a keen eye for photography, and an insatiable curiosity that leads him on many a road trip adventure. As a pet sitter, Gavin brings a sense of home and heartfelt care to every client’s residence and their furry (or not-so-furry) companions, treating them with the same devotion as he does his own.
Graham - Calgary

Graham works in the Oil and Gas engineering business, and hobbies include almost anything done outdoors, including hiking, camping, skiing, skating, etc. He has a long history with pets. Growing up, his family lived on acreages, so there were always several large dogs (usually German Shepherds) around as pets. Over the years, in addition to dogs, he’s had cats, iguanas, hedgehogs, gerbils, fish, mice and snakes, and jokingly tells people that he currently has about 1200 pets in the house (he does vermicomposting [worm composting], and that is the estimated number of worms in the composter!).

Heather Thomas - Calgary Heather is back in her old home town of Calgary after spending 25 years in Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is the coming prospect of her first grandchild that has drawn her away from the large, hilly, green sheep farm where she has left her husband, 21 working dogs, her own elderly labrador (sadly), chickens, ducks and a large pet pig named Sigrid. Heather has raised dozens of orphan lambs and several motherless calves, and socialized countless border collie and huntaway puppies. She is a nurse, a conservationist, bird watcher and a keen reader, and she is currently studying Spanish.
Jackie - Calgary Jackie is a retired Human Resources professional and lifelong pet owner. She is an adoring grandma to three rambunctious dogs, to whom lots of rubs, walks and treats are given out. She looks forward to sharing her love for animals with your pets!
Jennifer - Calgary Originally from the States, as a child Jennifer moved to Ontario with family and relocated to Alberta herself a decade ago. Jennifer works in a downtown Calgary law firm as a Real Estate and Corporate Law Paralegal. In her downtime she likes to run, watch movies, be outdoors and volunteer with Rabbit related organizations. A lifelong lover of all animals, Jennifer has specific experience with dogs, cats and rabbits. She cares about all animals and is fully vaccinated and ready to help you with yours!
Jordan - Calgary Born and raised in Calgary, Jordan has had pets her whole life. The house was never complete without a dog in it! After many years working in childcare, Jordan is no stranger to caring for others. In her spare time, she enjoys singing with her choir, reading, and taking the odd dance class or two.
Juliet - Calgary Juliet has worked assisting employers with their health and safety programs for the last 24 years. She has owned pets for 16 years and has been the favourite pet sitter for friends, family and clients, offering daily walks, cuddles and playtime. She includes interactive games such as Treat Find to have some extra fun with pets in her care and to provide stimulation. Juliet has had experience with pets with limb challenges, medications and injections and has her Pet First Aid certification. Her hobbies include dance lessons (Bollywood, contemporary and ballroom, to name a few) antiquing, hiking, her rose garden in the summer and snow shoeing in the winter. She looks forward to all the cuddles and playtime with your pets and keeping your home clean, safe and secure while you are away.
Kaitlyn - Calgary Kaitlyn is currently working towards a career in health care with her Bachelor of Science and in-progress Bachelor of Nursing. She has worked in the veterinary field for 6 years from a specialty cat clinic to orthopaedic surgeries, but her true love lies working in animal emergency medicine. In her spare time, Kaitlyn loves to go hiking, climbing and travelling. She has a Bengal cat and a leopard gecko at home currently (and is also an aunt to a rabbit and bearded dragon), but has always had a special place in her heart for hedgehogs!
Karrin & Alex - Calgary Karrin and Alex are an animal-loving couple from Thailand. Karrin is a full-time student at SAIT, while her husband, Alex, works as a cook. They came to Calgary with their sweet 6-year-old cat named Me-Me, who has become their everything and who has turned them into dog and cat lovers. In their home country, both them and their family have adopted somewhere around 25 stray dogs and cats, each with their own unique stories and personalities. From the timid, skinny pup they found near a street to the energetic dog who stole their hearts, these dogs and cats not only found a loving home but have also changed Karrin and Alex’s lives forever. Karrin and Alex have experience with senior dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters, and also with administering oral medication to both cats and dogs.
Kim B - Calgary Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Kim’s childhood home was in the Bragg Creek area where she was surrounded by household pets and wildlife alike. Any free time she had was spent outdoors, and summers consisted of camping, hiking, and fishing. Kim has been working in the veterinarian industry since 2016 and has always felt a strong connection to animals. Besides her work, Kim has previously volunteered with "AARCS" and the Calgary Zoo, obtaining valuable hands-on experience working with domestic and exotic animals. More Recently Kim has returned to Mount Royal University to obtain a degree in Environmental Science. Currently, any free time Kim has is spent with her beloved rescue dog, "Koda".
Kelsey - Calgary Kelsey has been living in the Calgary area since she was very young, and her family has always had dogs! From a miniature poodle to a great dane, Kelsey is experienced with just about anything dogs can dish out! She also has experience caring for exotic pets, such as amphibians and reptiles. Kelsey even rode horses and competed in show-jumping competitions for about eight years. Her partner and her have a two-year-old rescue mix named Luna, whom they adopted as an eight-week-old puppy. She is the light of their lives! Kelsey has always been passionate about animals from a young age, and that passion has not faded. She understands how important it is to ensure that our animal companions thrive and live active, healthy and happy lifestyles. Kelsey is dedicated to continuing to grow her knowledge of pet care. Kelsey is a responsible, organized and clean individual, who also understands the importance of maintaining a healthy home! Not only is it good for us humans, but it is beneficial for our pets to live in a safe and clean environment. Kelsey is committed to taking good care of our clients' homes, as well as their pets, and will do her best to ensure that our clients have the ultimate peace of mind while they are away!
Laurie - Calgary Animals seem to gravitate towards Laurie and her love for them creates trust and understanding – she really enjoys being around pets and they develop a great rapport! Laurie has been caring for other people's fur/feather family members for over 15 years. As a Psychotherapist and Business Consultant with her own practice for 18 years, she understands the importance of good communication and respect to create the best relationships. Laurie raised three exceptional dogs (others say they were, and she agrees!) from puppies to senior adults until they passed. She also raised three cats and two rabbits. Laurie has the added benefit of working from home, allowing her to be you’re your fur babies most of the time – they seem to like that and so does she! Her experience in dealing with all types of situations that arise is a testament to her ability to manage things and make the best choices for your furry family member. Laurie looks forward to helping your pets feel comfortable and cared for in your absence.
Lindy - Calgary Lindy is a lover of every kind of animal!! She has grown up with pets in her home from childhood and loves to experience all kinds of animals in the wild. Her respect and kindness towards each animal provides an atmosphere of trust with each encounter. She has loved pet sitting for family and friends since her teenage years. Lindy loves the outdoors and staying active spending time playing floor hockey, hiking, camping, gardening and traveling. She is always up for exploring and learning something new.
Matthew - Calgary Matthew is a music teacher, a lover of adventure and of all earth's creatures. Originally from Ontario he was called to the West by the prospects of work and is finding a new home here. Matthew has years of experience working and volunteering as a house and pet sitter, with times ranging from a month in a cabin in the woods taking care of an old long-haired cat named Abbie, to spending weeks downtown Ottawa taking care of his brother's 100lb German Shepherd. He loves animals and is happy to be a part of the Assured Team.
Marnie - Calgary Marnie was born and raised in Canmore and moved with her family to Calgary 19 years ago. She has owned her own business for almost 15 years and has numerous clients with pets ranging from a miniature Yorkie to Shepherds, to cats and virtually everything in between. Growing up, Marnie always had a houseful of animals (mainly cats) and loved every minute of it! She currently has two dogs, Jezzie and Lucie, who love to get outside and play, especially in the snow! Marnie is a firm believer that all animals, big or small, are lovable and enrich our lives. All of her animals have been from rescues and she routinely supports AARCS and the Meow Foundation. Marnie loves meeting new animals and enjoys the challenge of figuring out their individual personalities. She looks forward to all the sloppy kisses and cat cuddles!!
Megan - Calgary Megan spends her days learning and playing with enthusiastic and creative 6-year-olds as a Grade 1 teacher in Calgary. After living in Victoria, BC for school, Megan is happy to be home in the Rocky Mountains, where she loves to spend time hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing. She has a great love for all animals, having grown up with dogs, fish and bearded dragons. As well as outdoor activities, Megan loves growing vegetables in her garden, hanging out with her dogs, and baking yummy treats in the kitchen.
Nattacha & Smith - Calgary Nattacha and Smith moved to Calgary from Thailand. Nattacha is an aspiring photographer, and Smith is a Business Administration student at SAIT. They both are animal enthusiasts who grew up with animals along their side their whole life, separately and together. They are great with dogs, cats, hamsters and fish, as well as experienced with chickens and roosters. They are also open to caring for snakes and chameleons. They have one furry family member, Hargao, a nine year old super energetic Jack Russell Terrier, who is currently waiting in Thailand to come to their new home here.
Oleg - Calgary Oleg is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Calgary but has lived and worked in Western Canada, Europe and the Middle East. His love and care for animals has made him the go-to pet and house sitter amongst friends and family. During his free time, Alec enjoys rock climbing, hiking and cycling in the Canadian Rockies.
Peach & Kit - Calgary Meet Peach and Kit, a pet-sitting duo originally from Thailand, now residing in Calgary. With a deep love for pets and previous pet-sitting experience, they are dedicated to providing exceptional care to furry friends. Peach is a marketer and blogger, while Kit is a Graphic Communication and Print Technology student at SAIT. They have a 5-star rating and are experienced in caring for senior dogs, boarding dogs and cats at their home, and looking after fish and turtles in Calgary.
Pietro - Calgary

Pietro is a full-time student at the University of Calgary, with the goal of attending Medical School. In his home country, Italy, he had a dog, three cats and fish. Pietro has a lot of experience with animals, including administering medication (even when they do not want it!), as well as with aggressive behaviour in dogs. He is looking forward to getting to know and taking care of your pets!

Sam - Calgary Originally from Southern Ontario, Sam moved to Calgary in 2020 and works for the federal government. She has grown up with cats and large dogs her whole life, and now has one rescue cat. In her spare time, Sam loves to be travelling, camping, and staying active in the mountains.
Steph - Calgary Meet Steph! Her home base is Calgary, however, she loves to explore the globe and is always looking forward to a new adventure. Most of her days are spent in her classroom where she is surrounded by energetic and creative eight-year-old students. Teaching is a passion for Steph and she is always trying to ensure her students feel safe and empowered. She is a lover of all animals but holds a special place in her heart for dogs. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking, baking, reading, gardening, and exploring new places.
Sara - Calgary Sara is a market analyst in the financial sector and loves animals of all kind. She has grown up with cats and dogs her whole life, and now has two rescue dogs and three tree frogs! Sara and her partner often pet sit for friends and family and always enjoy spending time with animals. Sara loves bouldering, spin classes, yoga, mountain biking and spending time outdoors. On top of that, she loves to bake and enjoys a good book. Sara works from home most days and is excited to be surrounded by even more furry friends!
Sue - Calgary Sue has a deep love for animals - all animals - but particularly dogs and cats, because they are our children, our playmates, our confidantes and sometimes even our spirit guides. Sue completely respects the love that people have for their pets and does her best to duplicate that love when she is responsible for them. She is a retired physician and a singer songwriter musician. Sue has lived most recently in Nicaragua, and thinks that traveling, especially to a completely different culture, is a worthy adventure. She is grateful to be a thinking, feeling and creating human on the planet.
Sylvie - Calgary Sylvie loves nature, animals and travelling. She grew up on an acreage responsible for the care of a horse, bunnies and cats from a young age. Sylvie's daughter is now allergic to many furry friends so she loves to get her animal visits in by sitting. She is a freelance event planner and project manager, and she runs an airbnb and several space rentals. Her professional background lends her to being a clear communicator, reliable and organized. You can find Sylvie taking up new creative activities in her down time, trying new foods and getting out into the mountains for skiing, snowshoeing and hikes.
Tanya - Calgary Tanya, a seasoned entrepreneur from Calgary, brings two decades of expertise as a business owner/pet groomer and as an active real estate agent. With a wealth of experience, she is dedicated to assisting you with both your pet and home requirements. Outside of her professional life, Tanya enjoys engaging in a variety of hobbies, including paddle boarding, reading, camping, and travel. Adding a personal touch to her life, she takes pride in being the loving owner of two cherished black cats, Patty and Selma, who hold a special place as her beloved fur babies.
Tiffany - Calgary

Tiffany is a native Calgarian and exotic pet enthusiast. A Clinical Research Consultant by day, she spends her nights lavishing attention on her three adorable bunnies Pumpkin, Cookie and Oreo. She is renowned in her social circles for her ability to binge Netflix and kitty cuddling prowess while volunteering at her local no-kill cat shelter.

Victoria - Calgary Victoria loves all beings great and small. Shelter animals and rescues have played a big part in her life and led her to volunteer her time with various animal shelters. Calgary has been home for most of her life. Victoria loves to spend her time teaching, hanging out with her sister's family and their rescue dog, and going on any kind of outdoor adventure with anyone who will join. She is always looking for more pet pals!
Varya - Calgary As a child, Varya would always bring home stray kittens, but some how they always seemed to be rehomed by her mother. When she was five her grandmother gave her mother chicks for Easter – her parents built a coop for them on the balcony, and in the summer the not-so-little chickens and rooster would move to live in the countryside. Her first dog was a mighty rottweiler that she had in her life for 13 years. With the big move to Canada in 1999, the family could not bring their beloved dog with them, but were able to bring their beautiful cat, Vova. After a couple of years in Canada, they decided to get a chocolate lab. His name was Phil and he was their sunshine for many years. Now Varya is a lucky mom of two amazing boys, age 8 and 5. They love exploring nature together.
Viktoriia & Kate - Calgary Viktoriia and Kate recently moved to Canada from Ukraine and immediately fell in love with the beautiful nature and people. Viktoriia loves helping people choose cosmetics and works at Sephora. Katerina works in the field of marketing. Since they had to leave their pets behind in the Ukraine, they would be happy to share their love with your pets. The girls love to travel and explore the cuisine of different countries.
Vishal - Calgary Vishal was born in India and moved to Calgary in 2023. Professionally, he has six years of experience in customer service and administration. Vishal is a mountain person and loves to explore life in the hills! He has a long history with pets and is not only a pet lover but a pet parent too. He had the joy of having an animal family of various dog breeds, a pair of white rats, a rabbit, a monkey, a turtle and a cat. He currently has a beautiful girl dog named Caramel, who is an adorable and super excited baby. He strongly believes animals are a gift from above for they truly define the words "unconditional love".
Vitalii - Calgary Vitaly comes from Zaporozhye, Ukraine, and came to Canada in early 2023. He has had pets his whole life, with a Labrador, Mel, being called his best friend for the past 12 years. In the Ukraine, Vitaly was a member of two animal shelters, which he loved very much. Whenever his friends have travelled on vacation, he has stayed with their pets. He has also worked as a pet sitter in Switzerland! Vitaly is a hairdresser who loves sports, listening to music and travelling. One day, he hopes to drive the whole of Canada!
Crystal - Airdrie Crystal is Alberta born and raised. Since she was in diapers, she has always had a love and respect for all types of animals and was always intrigued by them. Crystal grew up with many different breeds of dogs. Her favourite times have been helping family and friends take care of their fur babies. Crystal’s two favorite passions are cooking up a feast and loving on, taking care of, and understanding animals. One of her bigger goals would be to go on adventure to another country and volunteer her time at an animal sanctuary where she would help rescue and rehabilitate endangered animals. Crystal is very excited to join the team and looks forward to meeting you and your furry family members!
Justin & Estefi - Airdrie/Calgary

Justin and Estefi are pet lovers of all kinds that have been pet sitting for multiple years now. Justin has been around all kinds of pets since he was a child and Estefi has been gathering experience with him since they started pet sitting as a team. In their time off, they like to travel and try out new foods, while exploring different parts of Calgary during their pet sitting bookings.

Rhys - Airdrie/Calgary Rhys completed his Bachelor's Degree at St. Mary's University and has lived in Calgary all his life. If he is not in the city you can find him in the mountains hiking, camping and or doing anything having to do with the outdoors. Rhys grew up with all types of animals: cats, fish and guinea pigs. Working for a brief time at the Calgary Humane Society, Rhys has a respect for animals and how much it means to have a furry companion. He has pet-sat dogs and cats for friends and family for a couple of years, and would love to pet-sit yours as well. His hobbies and interests are physical fitness, enjoying new restaurants and travelling as much as possible.
Lana - Strathmore Lana has tried living outside Calgary a few times, from Nova Scotia to Hawaii, but Calgary keeps pulling her back. Those mountains (not to mention family and friends) make it hard to stay away for long. Lana has always had pets, from furry to scaly to feathery. Rescues are her thing, especially since volunteering at the Calgary Humane Society and fostering dogs: she has seen too many pets needing a furever home. Recently retired from health administration, and having sold properties she was managing, Lana is eager for the shift to working with animals. Your home will be well looked after since she also has a knack for horticulture. While you’re away, she may even knit your dog a sweater (or perhaps a little cozy for your snake??).
Gerda - Cochrane

As a retired RN, Gerda is able to follow her passion and care for dogs in her home. Gerda has had dogs and cats most of her life and presently has two rescue dogs: Mr. Quincey, an 8-year-old Bichon Shitzu and Mr. Tucker, a 16-year-old poodle cross.

Heather K - Cochrane

Heather is a retired nurse who grew up in Saskatchewan. As a child, she always had cats as pets and also had a German Shepard for several years. For the last 25 years, her and her husband have had one or two cats as part of the family. Heather is now retired and travelling a lot, so does not have pets of her own. She gets her "doggie fix" by talking to and petting friendly dogs that she meets, with their owners, along the river path where she walks every morning. The dog's excitement to be petted by a "new friend" always makes her smile. Besides animals, Heather also enjoys hiking, canoeing, snow shoeing, x-country skiing, yoga, and she plays the alto saxophone in a concert band and with a duet partner. Heather loves reading and cooking for friends and family.

Karla - Cochrane/Calgary

Karla spends her time writing, while snuggling in with a furry companion. She has published a book of poetry and is practicing her craft in screen writing to break into the indi market. As a lover of animals, Karla enjoys filling in the time an owner is away with constant companionship for the pets in the place where they are most comfortable. Besides writing and animals, she loves puzzles and can be found challenging herself with Room Escapes and strategic board games.

Isabelle - Lethbridge

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Isabelle has completed a degree in psychology, as well as a degree in public health at the University of Lethbridge, with an ultimate goal of Medical school. Isabelle loves helping people and animals alike; and loves all animals no matter how big or small. Her family currently has an 8-year-old dog named Milo who is super energetic, but also as big a fan of cuddles as she is! Isabelle is awaiting the day that she is out on her own and able to get a cat and a leopard gecko. She spends most of her free time with friends and family, but also enjoys embroidery, table top games and swimming.

Adam (Sr Pet Sitter) - Edmonton

An Edmonton based performer, Adam is loving the varied climate of Alberta, comfortable in both sandal and snowshoe weather. A dog at heart, and lover of all pets, Adam works as an actor in film and theatre. You might see him in a commercial or short film! But mostly as a clown, trained at the University of Alberta, and performing physical theatre all over North America, but always coming back to beautiful Alberta!

Felicity - Edmonton

Felicity is an Edmonton born and raised artist and writer, who works part time at a downtown bouldering gym and cafe. Her life has always included animal friends: house rabbits, hamsters, dogs, cats and canaries! In her free time, she likes climbing, drinking lattes, open mic performances, and of course, cuddling the gym puppies!

Jill/Jay (Sr Pet Sitter) - Edmonton

Jill/Jay has been an avid animal lover their whole life and is known as the “pet whisperer” amongst their inner circle. Furry, feathered or finned, J has a special knack for understanding animals and treating them with care and compassion. Exotic pets and senior animals with special needs are their specialty! J lives with their sealpoint ragdoll Psyren (aka "Bear"), grey tabby Hendrix (aka "Drixxy"), Dutch blue lovebird Booboo, and crested gecko Zero!

Kira (Sr Pet Sitter) - Edmonton Kira has worked with small animals, cats, and dogs (a personal, academic obsession) for years. She knows how to properly administer medications and considers herself a professional cat-toy player! Outside of Assured, she works in medical simulations, teaches adults painting and cares for her two special needs collies.
Mellissa - Edmonton

Mellissa is a dedicated fur friend and humanitarian! She has been watching many different pet species off and on for more than 10 years, and currently has a kitty and a rabbit in her own fur family. All the pets Mellissa has had in her adult life have been rescues. She is experienced in caring for pets with health issues, and if she had the funds and space, she would most likely build an animal sanctuary! That being said, she currently lives in a tiny apartment and so she works through Assured to get her pet fix :)

Miranda - Edmonton Miranda is currently an Elementary student teacher in Edmonton. They have a passion for all animals but love their cat, Finn, the most. They cannot wait to make more animal friends! In Miranda's free time you will catch them either crocheting or knitting a hat, plush or something exciting! Miranda loves gardening at home and has a love for all sorts of plants.
Renée - Edmonton/Calgary

A passionate animal lover who hates the thought of you having to put your pets in a kennel with other pets; Renée is a firm believer of keeping pets in their familiar environment when the owners need to leave them. Renée is a semi-retired commercial interior designer who has been pet sitting for more than 8 years, not only in Alberta, but also overseas. She feels it is a treat to care for animals as she does not have any pets of her own. Renée is an avid traveller who loves to explore the arts, paint and create sculptures to stimulate her creativity and curiosity.

Celine - Kelowna Celine has been a lifelong animal lover, and has owned and cared for a variety of pets, including fish, hamsters, birds, and dogs. Born in Edmonton, raised in Calgary, and having recently moved to Kelowna with their two cats, Andromeda and Oberon, and a scorpion, they are looking forward to becoming familiar with the Okanagan Valley. In addition to completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, they enjoy spending their time cooking (and eating) delicious food, dabbling in various arts, and listening to podcasts.
Daelik - Kelowna Daelik has been an animal lover all of his life, and over the years he has raised two cats and three dogs. Originally from Northern Ontario, Daelik moved to British Columbia in 1990. He lived in Vancouver for 30 years before moving to Kelowna in 2021. Daelik was a professional dance artist for almost 30 years, which included directing a non-profit dance company for 17 years. Working in the arts gave Daelik the opportunity to travel across Canada, the United States and Europe. In 2019 Daelik retired from dance and became a certified dog trainer. When not being obsessed with dogs, Daelik enjoys discovering new places for coffee and food, reading speculative fiction, and riding his bike around the city.
Henrietta - Kelowna Henrietta has worked as an assistant in the veterinary industry in BC and Alberta for over 30 years, both in mixed practice and small animals. Over the course of the years, Henrietta has enjoyed the companionship of various dogs, cats and horses. She has also had the pleasure of caring for wonderful pets in their homes and through visits, many of which have grown to include these animals as an extended part of her family. Henrietta looks forward to expanding her care through Assured Home Pet Care.
Brian & Megan - Vancouver Brian and Megan are an adventurous, animal loving couple. Brian is originally from Hamilton, ON, he moved to Alberta in 2008 to pursue his career in the Canadian Armed Forces. Megan is born and raised in Edmonton, and is a Licensed Optician. Growing up they both had several family pets of all species and varieties whom they loved and cared for. Megan used to volunteer at the SPCA as a dog walker. Now she takes care of her parents' pets whenever they travel. Brian and Megan have been happily married for three years and are parents to three bengal cats; Zara, Snophee and Phoenix, as well as to two ball pythons, Krypty-Krytch and Guccidorah. They look forward to meeting and caring for your beloved pets - no matter how exotic they may be!
Julija - Vancouver Hailing from a little-known country named Lithuania, Julija has enjoyed living in Calgary with her family for more than 20 years. In her spare time, you can find her volunteering at the Vertigo Theatre, training at the gym or outside, or petting any dogs within reach. Having grown up with different types of animals (both furry and scaly), she feels comfortable and informed dealing with various behaviours and temperaments. With previous shelter, pet-sitting, and boarding experience, you will feel at ease leaving your beloved pets with her!
Tudor and Anika - Victoria

Tudor and Anika are a couple from Calgary who both love animals! Tudor is currently working at the University of Calgary and Anika is finishing her degree in nursing. In their free time, they love to spend time outdoors (hiking, skiing, climbing), as well as spend time with their family, friends, and dogs.

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