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Meet Our Team!

Amanda and Andrew began Assured Home and Pet Care in 2010, and incorporated in 2017. Assured has grown into a full team of animal-loving individuals serving Calgary and surrounding areas (e.g., Cochrane and Strathmore), Edmonton, Kelowna and Vancouver! Fully insured and bonded, all of the pet sitters of Assured Home and Pet Care do their utmost to provide quality, caring, loving and responsible pet sitting services. Furthermore, the majority of our pet sitters have been certified in Pet First Aid through the Walks n' Wags training program!

Amanda (Calgary-based Owner)

Amanda is a full-time Mom and past Secondary Music teacher with the Calgary Catholic School District. Animals have always been a big part of Amanda's life. She grew up amongst cats, dogs, birds, fish and a leopard gecko, giving her a love for critters of all shapes and sizes! She is now a pawrent to the very opinionated and particular Raz, a tuxedo kitty. Amanda is passionate about exploring our beautiful Rocky Mountains through climbing, running, hiking and back-country/cross-country skiing. She is also an avid traveller - her human baby has already been to four countries and he is not even a year old!

Andrew (Edmonton-based Owner)

Born in Cochrane, AB, Andrew is a well-traveled percussionist. When not on the road with some of Calgary's finest musical artists, Andrew can be found teaching percussion workshops in various schools throughout the city. A new resident to the city of Edmonton, Andrew is settling in and setting-up shop for us up there! In addition to a busy schedule filled with music and animals, Andrew loves to be outdoors: fly fishing, and ice, rock and alpine climbing in the Rockies.

Beverly (Manager) - Calgary

Beverly is a student at Mount Royal University in the Bachelor of Arts-History degree program with minors in Political Science and Geography. Upon completion she will be attending the University of Calgary for the Bachelor of Education-Consecutive (after degree) program. She loves all animals, big and small, and also loves to play soccer and travel.

Candice (Manager) - Calgary

Candice is a professional athlete who is passionate about all types of animals! Growing up in South Africa she had numerous pets and spent time on her family farm. Candice plays on the South African national softball team and has been a member for the last 12 years. On her travels playing softball, she has often had the chance to care for animals through host families; and has always made looking after the animals a priority, along with making them feel loved and cared for. Candice currently has two cats who she loves and cherishes – if she had the space, she would probably have a small zoo! As an animal advocate, Candice has always adopted animals from the SPCA and Humane Society.

Hana (Admin Assist./Manager) - Calgary

Hana was born and raised in Calgary and is crazy about animals, especially her two cats Marley & Shasta! She is currently working as a part-time nanny and is attending SAIT to become a Legal Assistant. When she is not working or at school, she enjoys doing crafts and cuddling with her cats.

Jess (Manager) - Calgary

Jess is a PhD student in the Department of English at the U of C. When she isn't reading or writing, she relieves her academic stress by snuggling animals, knitting, and having adventures. She also eats copious amounts of cake and peanut butter cups!

Amariles - Calgary

Amariles was born in Mexico were she grew up on a ranch surrounded by all types of animals: tucans, monkeys, parrots, crocodiles, snakes, dogs and horses. She is an international chef and moved to Canada in 2012. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, mountain bike riding, dancing, and spending time with family, friends and her cat, Lisa, who is 15 years old!

August - Calgary

August is a freelance flutist and teacher, with a Bachelor of Music from the University of Calgary. She will be returning to school to get her Bachelor of Education in the Fall of 2017. August has two adorable bunnies named Rosie and Ted who won't stop hopping for long enough to take a picture with her. She grew up with dogs, cats, budgies, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits, and she loves animals of all shapes and sizes!

Brad - Calgary

Brad is a native Calgarian, born and majority-raised, with minor furloughs between Fernie. Working towards a PhD in forensic psychology, he also trains, teaches and fights Muay Thai and kickboxing, runs marathons, and spends his down time in the creative sphere of art and writing. For every minute spent in Brad’s life, his trusted training partner and muse, a black lab named Tugs, has been his stalwart companion for 12 years, and will be for many, many more.

Carolina - Calgary

Born and raised in Venezuela, Carolina moved to Canada in 2011. She went to school in Kingston, ON, for her second Business Degree (she also has a Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad Metropolitana) before moving to Calgary in 2013. She currently works in Procurement. Carolina has always loved animals and has been actively involved with different animal shelters in Venezuela and in Calgary. She fosters dogs and volunteers at AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society). In her spare time, Carolina loves to play soccer, run around the city with her friends, go hiking on the weekends, read a good book by the river, and watch lots of sports on TV. She is also a music lover and plays the drums whenever she has a chance.

Caroline - Calgary

Caroline is an animal lover from Toronto, Ontario. She currently has two cats and a German Shepherd and is looking for animals to shower with love and affection. She just moved to Calgary, Alberta to attend law school at the University of Calgary. She is an experienced pet sitter who loves dancing, reading, swimming and skiing.

Cheryl - Calgary

Cheryl is a transplant from Ontario who came to Calgary six years ago. Having grown up on a farm, she has always been surrounded by different types of animals. Cheryl currently has a cat named Lynx, who appears to be the head of the household! In her free time, she enjoys biking, hiking and camping during the summer months.

Cinzia - Calgary

Cinzia is a third-year post-secondary student in Criminal Justice. For as long as she can remember, animals have been a huge part of her life. Being surrounded by constantly by them set the stage for a huge animal lover! Cinzia is a current pet-parent to some exotic animals called sugar gliders, which have challenged her knowledge and care for a variety of furry friends.

Courtney A - Calgary

Courtney is a professional athlete who is passionate about all types of animals! She grew up in Edmonton with various cats, dogs and birds, and has also often stayed at her grandparents’ farm and looked after the animals there. Courtney went to school in the USA on a softball scholarship, where she obtained a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. On her travels playing softball, she has often had the chance to care for animals through host families; and has always made looking after the animals a priority, along with making them feel loved and cared for. Courtney currently has two cats who she loves and cherishes – if she had the space, she would probably have a small zoo! As an animal advocate, Courtney has always adopted animals from the SPCA and Humane Society.

Courtney N - Calgary

Courtney was born in Manitoba and raised in Calgary. She is a fourth year university student, majoring in Behavioral sciences with an English literature minor. Courtney loves all types of animals, and raised her cat, Apollo, from a kitten. In her spare time she loves to ski, read, and spend time with family and friends.

Daniella - Calgary

Daniella is a graduate of Olds College in the veterinary industry, and now is fortunate enough to work in the industry with the animals she loves. Daniella has two cats and a horse of her own! With her horse, she enjoys competing in competitive trial rides and small jumping shows. Daniella also enjoys playing soccer and many other sports.

Eilidh and Celine - Calgary

Eilidh is a newly graduated vet tech from Bragg Creek, AB. At age 11, Eilidh joined the local 4-H multi-club in the “dog” club, and quickly developed an interest in dog behaviour and training, which has never diminished. While agility remains her favourite, Eilidh has also started taking rally obedience classes with her dog, Lulu. After taking some time to get established in the veterinary industry, Eilidh would like to get certified as a dog trainer. Eilidh has always had family cats as well, and even started clicker training her childhood cat before he passed away in 2015. Celine has loved animals all of her life, and has a special place in her heart for senior animals, such as Eilidh’s 18-year-old cat Tigger. Celine also has a passion for all things outdoors, and in her free time loves to go camping and create art.


Elizabeth - Calgary

Currently an administrative assistant, Elizabeth has also worked at the Calgary Public Library and co-owned a second hand bookstore. Elizabeth has loved and owned cats all her life. She has also been a pawrent to a Toy Pomeranian. For the past six years, she has volunteered at outreaches for ARF, and has learned much more about medium to large size dogs. Besides furry friends, Elizabeth also enjoys the theatre, reading books, hockey (usually at playoff time) and bird watching.

Emma - Calgary

Emma loves all creatures – her cats come before anything else! She cannot wait to run a farm someday so that she can rescue all the animals. If Emma could just spend her days surrounded by animals, she thinks it would be a pretty great life!

Gabby - Calgary

Gabby is a third year Fine Arts student at the University of Alberta. Born and raised in Calgary, she knows her way around many of the city’s parks and recreation facilities. Gabby enjoys spending time with energetic individuals, and animals fit this role perfectly! Her own family members have allergies to most household pets, so Gabby looks forward to spending time getting to know your animals.

Gerda - Calgary In-Home Boarding

As a retired RN, Gerda is able to follow her passion and care for dogs in her home. Gerda has had dogs and cats most of her life and presently has two rescue dogs: Mr. Quincey, an 8-year-old Bichon Shitzu and Mr. Tucker, a 16-year-old poodle cross. Gerda’s home has a fenced yard and ample space for the dogs to play, and she offers lots of love and cuddles! She is able to take two small dogs at a time, and is also available for check-ins in the NW area.

Ghanem - Calgary

Ghanem recently moved back to Calgary from the United States. He is a Healthcare Executive Professional who has held several positions, such as Public Relations Officer, Administrator, Human Resources & Operations Director and Executive Administrative Services Manager in the United Arab Emirates and the United States (Texas & New Mexico). Ghanem has always had cats and loves all kinds of animals. Currently, Ghanem and his wife, Shelly (who is also a team member), are “owned” by two eccentric and much-loved Siamese characters! Along with his professional career, Ghanem is a handyman, gourmet chef and a gardener. Ghanem loves the outdoors and world travel.

Gina - Calgary

When Gina is not in the city, she can be found hiking or camping in the mountains – anything outdoors is her second passion in life. The first, of course, is anything with four legs and fur! There was never a day Gina doubted that she would work with animals – she has been working in veterinary medicine for 8 years in various roles. Gina graduated from Olds College in 2017 as an Animal Health Technologist, and thinks that there is nothing better than coming home to more pets after time at the clinic.

Graham - Calgary

Graham works in the Oil and Gas engineering business, and hobbies include almost anything done outdoors, including hiking, camping, skiing, skating, etc. He has a long history with pets. Growing up, his family lived on acreages, so there were always several large dogs (usually German Shepherds) around as pets. Over the years, in addition to dogs, he’s had cats, iguanas, hedgehogs, gerbils, fish, mice and snakes, and jokingly tells people that he currently has about 1200 pets in the house (he does vermicomposting [worm composting], and that is the estimated number of worms in the composter!).

Hannah - Calgary

Hannah is a recent Doctor of Musical Arts graduate, originally from Calgary, and has been based in Texas for the last five years while working on her studies. Hannah enjoys spending time outside and hanging out with animals, especially her handsome tuxedo cat named Pluto, and her family dog, an 11-year-old shi’tzu named Scout.

Heather D - Calgary

Heather has lived her life almost entirely in Northern Alberta, where she grew up on a farm with cows, dogs of a variety of sizes, cats, bunnies, fish and hamsters. She moved to Calgary last year, and currently works as a Curling Rink Ice Technician. Heather enjoys curling, of course, hockey, baseball, hiking, yoga and meditation. She is the current pet parent to a beta fish named Esmerelda, and she loves nurturing animals and having their love returned. 

Heather T - Calgary

Heather was born and raised in Calgary and just completed her Master’s Degree. She currently works with the homeless and is also a healthcare advocate. Heather grew up with pets for most of her life, from dogs and cats, to fish and birds, rabbits and even a snake once. She currently lives with two dogs, a bird and fish and could not imagine life without a pet!

Isabelle - Calgary

Born and raised in Calgary, AB, Isabelle is halfway through a Psychology degree at the University of Lethbridge, with an ultimate goal of Medical school. Isabelle loves helping people and animals alike; and loves all animals no matter how big or small. Her family currently has an 8-year-old dog named Milo who is super energetic, but also as big a fan of cuddles as she is! Isabelle is awaiting the day that she is out on her own and able to get a cat and a leopard gecko. She spends most of her free time with friends and family, but also enjoys embroidery, table top games and swimming.

Jane - Calgary

Jane is currently pursuing her travelling journey, and one of her favourite parts of travelling is meeting lovely animals around the world including rescued elephants in Thailand. Jane lives with one precious cat at her Calgary home with her sister and can’t wait to help more pets in Calgary to be loved and taken care of!

Justin and Estefi - Calgary

Justin and Estefi are pet lovers of all kinds that have been pet sitting for multiple years now. Justin has been around all kinds of pets since he was a child and Estefi has been gathering experience with him since they started pet sitting as a team. In their time off, they like to travel and try out new foods, while exploring different parts of Calgary during their pet sitting bookings.

Kaitlyn - Calgary

Kaitlyn is currently in her third year at Mount Royal University, majoring in Health Science. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking, climbing and travelling. Even though, at the moment, she has no pets at home, she has always loved animals of any kind – especially cats and hedgehogs!

Kassandra - Calgary

Kassandra loves all animals, big and small! Having always had dogs around growing up, she loves being a part of the Assured team and being able to spend time with pets of all kinds. Kassandra is also an avid hockey fan (go Blackhawks!), plays softball, and loves exploring our beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Kristi and Alec - Calgary

Born and raised in Calgary, Kristi is a full-time pediatric interior designer and lives with her husband Alec, a cyber security analyst. Kristi and Alec are the parents to one human baby, Hunter, and two Bengal cats, Cricket and Xena. Previously, they have had dogs, cats, hedgehogs, frogs, snails and fish as pets.

Kelsey - Calgary

Kelsey was born and raised in Saskatoon and moved to Calgary in February 2018. She works full time as a kinesiologist and played 5 years of Huskie basketball with the University of Saskatchewan. Kelsey loves to spend her time outdoors playing fastball, hiking, playing games and staying active. She grew up with both cats and dogs in the household.

Kristy - Calgary

Kristy is an actor, clown, writer, dreamer, and traveler. She has spent several years living and studying in various places across the country and abroad. Originally from Cochrane, Kristy is excited to finally be back in Alberta! She is especially glad to be reunited with her two cats, Hank and Maverick.

Kristyn - Calgary

Kristyn is majoring in International Relations with a Psychology minor at the University of Calgary. She is passionate about global health and development, and enjoys hiking and playing soccer in her free time. She has been around pets from a young age and is excited to hang out with your furry (and not furry!) friends!

Laurel - Calgary

Laurel is currently in her third year at Mount Royal University, majoring in Health Science. She plans to continue on to optometry after she finishes her undergraduate degree. When she’s not at school, you would probably find her outdoors, climbing, hiking or camping. While Laurel does not currently have any furry friends at home, she loves animals of all shapes and sizes. She is also very passionate about travelling, and hopes to travel the world one day!

Liz - Calgary

Liz is a Calgary native and is currently working towards her Bachelor of Interior Design at Mount Royal University. When she is not designing, you can find her snuggled up with her cats at home, exploring the city on her bike or adventuring outside with her friends. An avid animal lover and self-proclaimed cat mom, she relishes any opportunity to hang out with a furry friend and continuously finds excuses to do so.

Madison - Calgary

Madison is a recent graduate of Olds College, where her passion for animals led her into the veterinary industry in the Veterinary Assistants program. In her free time, she loves playing softball, volleyball and going on hikes with her two fur babies.

Megan - Calgary

Megan is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education degree in Calgary, after completing a music degree at the University of Victoria. She is happy to be home in the Rocky Mountains, where she loves to spend time hiking, kayaking and snowshoeing. She has a great love for all animals, having grown up with dogs, fish and bearded dragons. As well as outdoor activities, Megan is very excited about growing vegetables in her garden, hanging out with her dogs, and baking yummy treats in the kitchen. 

Melissa - Calgary

Melissa is a born and raised Calgarian – some people tell her she is a rarity. She has a BA in Sociology and currently works for the Alberta Government. Melissa has always loved animals – all animals! So much so that she is quickly approaching her 4-year “meatless” birthday. Melissa started off her animal/owner relationships with a beloved fish, then a hamster – well, let’s be serious: a thousand hamsters! She then made her way up to the wonderful world of canines. She currently owns a cat named Kylie (a grey-haired tabby) who has quite the vivacious personality. You can usually find Melissa on the soccer field, on the water or travelling the world.

Michela - Calgary

Born and raised in Switzerland, Michela moved to Italy when she was 13, and then to Calgary when she was 31. Michela grew up with all types of animals, including birds, fish, dogs, turtles and cats. She is a stay-at-home mom who loves to take walks with her dog, Margot, who is a super active dog who loves to run!

Mila - Calgary

It's no secret to anyone that knows Mila how much joy animals bring her. Dogs, specifically, have always held a special place in her heart. Mila is and has always been that person that crosses the street to pet your dog and make sure they get a nice scratch! She has owned a German shepherd and can happily say she is comfortable with stronger personality breeds. Mila has had exactly two cats and one dog over the past 20 years, and she misses them dearly every single day. She is happy to be able to provide care for your fuzzballs while she has some free time in her life!

Pietro - Calgary

Pietro is a full-time student at the University of Calgary, with the goal of attending Medical School. In his home country, Italy, he had a dog, three cats and fish. Pietro has a lot of experience with animals, including administering medication (even when they do not want it!), as well as with aggressive behaviour in dogs. He is looking forward to getting to know and taking care of your pets!

Rachel - Calgary

Rachel is an animal enthusiast that recently located to Calgary from Kelowna on her quest for inner peace. A former elite athlete with a business degree, she works at a pet resort, coaches softball pitching, and draws plans for her family construction company. When not working on her current venture you’ll find her exploring, meeting new people, being outdoors, practicing yoga or meditating! Rachel believes that every living thing is love, and deserves our fullest attention at that present moment. Living a non-traditional life results in no pets of her own, sadly, so she looks forward to meeting your furry loved ones and loving them like they deserve!

Sai and Brandon - Calgary

Sai was born in central Thailand in the province of Lopburi, and her husband, Brandon, was born and raised in Canada. Sai came to Canada in 2016 and has worked as a nanny/caregiver since coming to Calgary, and Brandon works as an attendant at the Porsche dealership. Both Sai and Brandon have had pets all their lives, with Sai’s pets being dogs and Brandon’s being fish and hamsters. They enjoy travelling and being outside – whether it be a walk around the neighbourhood or a hike in the mountains!

Shelby - Calgary

Shelby comes from a small northern town in Alberta, and grew up on an acreage surrounded by animals both big and small. She is a second-year nursing student with a huge love for animals. Her experience with pet care comes from her past job in a pet store and from her day to day life with animals. Shelby is an avid hiker and camper, and although she loves being outdoors, she is also more than happy to snuggle up with a furry friend and read.

Shelly - Calgary

Shelly is an Alberta native who recently moved back to Calgary with her husband (Ghanem - also a pet sitter with us!) after a 23-year absence. During her absence she lived and worked as a medical transcriptionist in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United States. She grew up on a southern Alberta farm with a love for all animals.  Her family has always had a Siamese cat or two and Shelly is currently “owned” by two eccentric and much-loved Siamese characters! She is also a published author, having written a book about her two years living in Saudi Arabia. Though Shelly still works in the medical field, her true loves are writing and adventure travel.

Simon - Calgary

Simon is a versatile member of the Calgary arts scene, contributing his talents on saxophone as a sought-after performing and teaching artist. He is currently the Vice President of New Works Calgary, and Director of Marketing for Timepoint Ensemble, demonstrating his passion for contemporary and new music, as well as an interest in collaboration on projects with artists in other creative mediums. When not working, Simon enjoys getting involved around town, spending time in the great outdoors, and snuggling with his best furry friend, Audrey.

Tiffany - Calgary

Tiffany is a native Calgarian and exotic pet enthusiast. A Clinical Research Consultant by day, she spends her nights lavishing attention on her three adorable bunnies Pumpkin, Cookie and Oreo. She is renowned in her social circles for her ability to binge Netflix and kitty cuddling prowess while volunteering at her local no-kill cat shelter.

Titia - Calgary

Titia was born and raised in the Netherlands and immigrated to Canada in 1979. She has lived in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan and in China. Titia is retired from the health care industry, and enjoys going for walks, during which she is often joined by her friend and her friend’s dog. She enjoys skiing, hiking, camping and several sports. Responsible and energetic, Titia looks forward to looking after your pets!

Tudor and Anika - Calgary

Tudor and Anika are a couple from Calgary who both love animals! Tudor is currently working at the University of Calgary and Anika is finishing her degree in nursing. In their free time, they love to spend time outdoors (hiking, skiing, climbing), as well as spend time with their family, friends, and dogs.

Colleen - Cochrane

Colleen is the mother of our co-owner, Andrew, and resides in Cochrane, AB. Colleen has a degree in Communications and Culture, with a minor in Psychology, and puts it to use in one of the local Elementary Schools. In addition to her love for animals, Colleen enjoys commuting on her bike and hiking with her family.

Karla - Cochrane/Calgary

Born and raised in Alberta, Karla spends her time writing, while snuggling in with a furry companion. She has published a book of poetry and is working on novel-length fiction and screenplays with elements of fantasy and science fiction. As a lover of animals, Karla enjoys filling in the time an owner is away with constant companionship for the pets in the place where they are most comfortable. Besides writing and animals, she loves puzzles and can be found challenging herself with Room Escapes and strategic board games.

Heather - Cochrane

Heather grew up in Fort St. John, B.C. and moved to the Cochrane area 10 years ago. She was raised on a farm and has had a dog, cat and horse for as long as she can remember. She has worked with children with a variety of needs in a variety of settings for the past 30 years. Heather volunteers putting on gymkhanas and horse obstacle courses in Water Valley that are fun for the whole family, and when she is not working with kids or horses, she enjoys reading, painting, hiking and kayaking.

Felicity - Edmonton

Felicity is an Edmonton born and raised artist and writer, who works part time at a downtown bouldering gym and cafe. Her life has always included animal friends: house rabbits, hamsters, dogs, cats and canaries! In her free time, she likes climbing, drinking lattes, open mic performances, and of course, cuddling the gym puppies!

Heather - Edmonton

Heather is a professional theatre artist who works throughout Canada, primarily as a director and performer. She loves having a career that allows her to travel, have adventures, and to meet interesting people. When not creating theatre, Heather can usually be found building puppets, sewing, or learning something she’s never tried before - she’s currently learning sign language. She also loves to bake and baking around dietary restrictions is her specialty.

Jill - Edmonton

Gillian was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She has been an avid animal lover since the age of 5 and has been called the “pet whisperer” amongst her friends and family. Furry, feathered or finned, Gillian has a knack for understanding animals and treating them with care and compassion. Gillian lives with an 8-year old sealpoint ragdoll, a 13-year old grey tabby, a 3-year old Dutch blue peach faced lovebird, and a 1-year old Australian Cinnamon lovebird!

Mackenzie - Edmonton

Mackenzie was born and raised in Edmonton. She has a paleontology degree from the U of A but is currently a full-time circus artist and personal trainer. When she’s not performing or coaching, Mackenzie loves to travel. Even though she has no pets at the moment she has been a life long cat lover and has been known to make cat calendars with pictures of the cats she encounters during her travels.

Mellissa - Edmonton

Mellissa is a dedicated fur friend and humanitarian! She has been watching many different pet species off and on for more than 10 years, and currently has a kitty and a rabbit in her own fur family. All the pets Mellissa has had in her adult life have been rescues. She is experienced in caring for pets with health issues, and if she had the funds and space, she would most likely build an animal sanctuary! That being said, she currently lives in a tiny apartment and so she works through Assured to get her pet fix :)

Mikaela and Luke - Edmonton

Mikaela and Luke were both born and raised in Edmonton, AB. Mikaela grew up with dogs her whole life, and developed a deep love for them which led her to volunteering for the Humane Society's Dog program while she attended MacEwan University to obtain her Arts Degree. This Fall Mikaela will be returning to school to get her degree in Education. Mikaela has been a sitter for family and friends for the last 6 years. Luke has been a pet owner to all kinds of animals, from bearded dragons and parrots to dogs. When he's not busy with his career as a heavy duty mechanic he loves spending free time with his friends at the various dog parks Edmonton is home to. Luke and Mikaela are both very active individuals and avid animal lovers, and will show your pets nothing but care and affection.

Neil - Edmonton

Neil was born in Lethbridge, Alberta. He grew up loving animals of every kind. During summertime at the family cabin in B.C., if Neil was not off in the woods looking for frogs and Garter snakes, he was in the lake snorkeling with the fish or playing with the family dogs. These days Neil works as an Arts Administrator in Edmonton, where he strives to bring some of Canada’s top performing talents to entertain the capitol region. When not at work, Neil can be found enjoying the hockey game in the winter months, and beekeeping (a new project!) in the summer months.

Renée - Edmonton/Calgary

A passionate animal lover who hates the thought of you having to put your pets in a kennel with other pets; Renée is a firm believer of keeping pets in their familiar environment when the owners need to leave them. Renée is a semi-retired commercial interior designer who has been pet sitting for more than 8 years, not only in Alberta, but also overseas. She feels it is a treat to care for animals as she does not have any pets of her own. Renée is an avid traveller who loves to explore the arts, paint and create sculptures to stimulate her creativity and curiosity.

Steven - Edmonton

Born and raised in Calgary, Steven has always been an animal lover. He grew up with a black lab, a miniature schnauzer, hamsters, fish and a snake. He now makes his home in Edmonton, where he works as an actor and music director, and is the proud owner of a schnauzer cross.

Sylvia - Edmonton

Sylvia is animal lover whose passion is Wholistic Wellness. An Albertan who is happy to be “LOVIN-ON” your pets (as they say in Texas!). Sylvia has worked and volunteered with many organizations supporting special needs children, including Spirit Horse International Therapeutic Riding Center. Sylvia’s bilingual pups are rescues ... “because they rescue you right back!”

Andrea - Kelowna

Andrea once heard someone say, "dogs make the best people!" While she has always thought of herself as a people person, that comment reaffirmed that she most certainly is. Andrea has 10+ cumulative years of pet care experience including dog-walking, house sitting and volunteering at various Humane Societies (where she has completed a dog behaviour course and a safe pet handling course). Andrea loves and welcomes the opportunity to care for ALL animals, but has the most hands-on experience with larger (55+ pound) dog breeds. The passing of her beloved furry four-legged brother, Dodge, taught her that nothing can replace the unconditional love of a pet. Therefore, in his honour, Andrea always tries to act from the place of compassion that their bond instilled within her. With that being said, compassionate care of your home and pet(s) is her paw-romise to you!

Brenda - Kelowna

Brenda is a Master Herbalist and animal lover. She has done everything from waitress to engineering drafter, but her real love is helping people help themselves through herbs, crystals, energy work, breathing and meditation. Her earliest memories are around pestering her mother for a cat and she has always welcomed animals of all kinds into her life. Her favourite activities are walking and horseback riding.

Anna - Leduc

Anna was born in Poland and came to Canada with her family when she was 11 years old. She has worked in sales and customer service for the past 20 years, and lives on a farm outside of Edmonton in Leduc County – it is her Zen place! Anna’s life revolves around her teenage son, two cats and border collie. She loves going for long walks with her dog, biking and gardening. Anna cannot wait to come home from work for my cuddles from her fur babies (cats). Her son and her fur babies are her happiness – they bring her the most joy!

Petra - Strathmore

Petra has always loved to have animals and has had dogs, cats, birds, turtles, rabbits … you name it! A nurse from Germany, Petra loves to go for long walks with dogs, ride dirt bikes, camp and to go on road trips with her road bike. Petra works part-time in a Medical Clinic as a MOA.

Corrine - Surrey/Delta/Langley

Corrine was born in Calgary, but moved to BC at a young age where she was raised in Delta. She now lives in Surrey and works for a Credit Union, aligning with her values of connection to community. Corrine loves all animals of furry/feathered/scaled variety, domestic and wild, and is passionate about animal rescue around the world. She has had dogs and cats her whole life; the majority of them adopted from shelters or as strays that knew the right house to ask for help at! Corrine’s current furry love is a BIG fluffy "Heinz57" mix rescued as a puppy from Northern BC in the winter of 2010. Corrine loves travelling and spending time in the great outdoors whenever she can, but equally enjoys Netflix couch days – life is all about balance!

Jared - Vancouver

Jared has slowly moved his way West, originally from Saskatchewan, then moving to Calgary, Alberta to attend the University of Calgary to complete his Bachelor in Fine Arts and Bachelor in Education. He made the move to Vancouver in the summer of 2016 and has been enjoying the laid-back west coast experience. Jared is currently working as an Education Specialist with Providence Health Care and lives in downtown Vancouver. He enjoys traveling, the beach, live performances, and outdoor adventures but more often then not can be found relaxing with some music and a good book.

Christine - Alberta/BC

Reliable, flexible and loving, Christine loves all animals, big and small! She grew up with fish, hamsters, cats and dogs, and has provided dog and cat sitting services for her sister several times a year for 15 years. Christine is also experienced with administering insulin shots to diabetic cats, and has her certification in Animal Reiki, which she has provided to various pet organizations on a volunteer basis. Christine treats all animals as a part of her family!

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